Melissa Mark-Viverito
District 8 Council Member

Melissa Mark-Viverito


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Legislation that Melissa Mark-Viverito is the primary sponsor of.

Introduction 388-2014 Passed

A Local Law in relation to the naming of 63 thoroughfares and public places, Rev. Dr. Shellie Sampson, Jr. Way, Borough of the Bronx, Sister Thomas, S.C Way, Borough of the Bronx, Dominican ...

7/09/2014 - Received from Mayor
Recovery and Resiliency Parks and Recreation

Introduction 2016-4077 Inactive

This bill would co-name 42 thoroughfares and public places, based on requests of Council Members whose district includes the location. Of these 42 co-names, 3 are either a relocation of a ...

2/05/2016 - Introduced

Introduction 2016-4006 Inactive

This bill would require an administrative law judge, for certain violations of the administrative code returnable to the office of administrative trials and hearings, to offer, as a settlement, ...

2/05/2016 - Introduced
Public Safety

Introduction 2015-3624 Inactive

This bill would require the police department to post domestic violence and hate crime statistics on the department’s website on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

10/15/2015 - Introduced

Introduction 2016-4291 Inactive

This bill would establish a gender equity advisory board. The advisory board would study the nature and extent of discrimination that women and girls face in the city as well as such ...

4/07/2016 - Introduced

Introduction 1080-2016 Passed

The bill would require black car and luxury limousine services—including dispatch apps—to provide accurate fare estimate to passengers upon request. Passengers could not be charged a fare that is ...

4/21/2016 - Received from Mayor

Introduction 409-2014 Inactive

Publically accessible collection bins for the collection of clothing (“collection bins”) that are illegally placed on public property are nuisances. They attract refuse and graffiti, and obstruct ...

12/14/2014 - City Charter Rule Adopted
Sanitation and Solid Waste Management

Introduction 1058-2016 Passed

This bill amends the civil penalties for unreasonable noise for a noncommercial purpose.

6/13/2016 - Received from Mayor
Public Safety

Introduction 2016-4001 Inactive

This bill states the Council has determined that criminal enforcement should only be used for certain low-level offenses in limited circumstances. The bill tasks the New York City Police ...

2/05/2016 - Introduced
Public Safety

Introduction 702-2015 Passed

Under the bill, the Department for the Aging, in consultation with the Department of Buildings and the Department for Housing Preservation and Development, would be required to develop and ...

6/02/2015 - Received from Mayor

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