Mark Treyger
District 47 Council Member

Mark Treyger


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Legislation that Mark Treyger is the primary sponsor of.

Introduction 1154-2016 Inactive

This bill would require the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to create a website through which persons that are displaced, or out of communication, because of an emergency event can let ...

4/07/2016 - Referred to Committee
Recovery and Resiliency

Introduction 1341-2016 Passed

This bill would allow full demolitions and elevations of one- to four-family dwellings to proceed even where an existing violation or other condition may have delayed such work. The bill applies ...

11/02/2016 - Received from Mayor
Recovery and Resiliency

Introduction 560-2014 Inactive

A Local Law to amend the New York city charter, in relation to clarifying that independent expenditures are not authorized by candidates.

11/25/2014 - Referred to Committee
Governmental Operations

Resolution 432-2014 Inactive

Resolution calling upon the New York City Department of Education to offer gluten-free meal options for students at all New York City public schools.

10/07/2014 - Referred to Committee

Introduction 544-2014 Inactive

Under the bill, using an electronic communications device while operating a bicycle would be prohibited. The ban on using electronic communications devices while biking would not apply to: 1) ...

4/15/2015 - Laid Over

Introduction 1114-2016 Inactive

This bill would require the Board of Elections of the City of New York, in coordination with the Office of Emergency Management, to develop a plan for running elections following a natural or ...

3/09/2016 - Introduced

Resolution 390-2014 Inactive

Resolution in support of A.4749/S.1703, an act to amend the election law in relation to requiring the New York City Board of Elections to provide Russian interpreters at certain polling locations.

2/29/2016 - Laid Over
Governmental Operations

Introduction 580-2014 Inactive

A Local Law in relation to an infrastructure task force.

12/08/2014 - Referred to Committee
Economic Development

Introduction 1155-2016 Inactive

This bill would require the Commissioner of Emergency Management to develop and maintain a voluntary registry of people with disabilities who may need evacuation assistance in the event of an ...

1/19/2017 - Laid Over
Recovery and Resiliency

Resolution 1042-2016 Inactive

Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass, and the Governor to sign, legislation that would reinstate the Barbara Clark Leaders of Tomorrow scholarships funded by the New ...

4/20/2016 - Introduced

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