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City Council Stated Meeting

Tue 4/25/2017
1:30 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

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New York City Council


  1. Proposed maritime lease between NYC, acting by and through its Dept of Small Business Services, as landlord and Ports America, Inc., as tenant, and the NYC Economic Development corporation, as administrator for Pier 88 and 90 of MCT. (20175389 PNM)
  2. Carlo Silvestri, New York City Tax Commission
  3. Debra Scotto, Environmental Control Board
  4. Joseph Douek, City Planning Commission
  5. Zoning, 151 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan (20175260 TCM)
  6. Increasing the contract award threshold requiring a vendor doing business with the city to complete a VENDEX questionnaire.
  7. Requiring contractors and subcontractors to submit information to VENDEX electronically.
  8. Requiring information about city contracts and contractors to be available online for public access.
  9. Expanding college savings plan materials in schools to include pre-kindergarten and to distributing college savings plan materials to parents or guardians with a child’s certificate of registration of birth.
  10. Bushwick Cedar Apartments, Brooklyn
  11. LU 605 - Bushwick Cedar Apartments, Brooklyn
  12. 37 Avenue B HDFC, Manhattan
  13. LU 606 - 37 Avenue B HDFC, Manhattan
  14. OSHA notification act.
  15. Reporting and providing information concerning bedbugs.
  16. Construction Safety - Requiring cranes to be equipped with global positioning systems or similar locating devices.
  17. Construction Safety - Requiring DOB to report on all construction incidents that result in an injury or fatality to a member of the public or a construction worker.
  18. Construction Safety - Maintaining crane event records.
  19. Construction Safety - Licensing for operators of certain complex cranes.
  20. Construction Safety - Requiring construction superintendents at certain construction sites.
  21. Zoning, ROSE CASTLE, Brooklyn (C160221ZMK)
  22. Zoning, ROSE CASTLE, Brooklyn, (N160222ZRK)
  23. Zoning, WEST 23RD STREET TEXT AMENDMENT, Manhattan (N160396ZRM)
  24. LU 591 - Zoning, WEST 23RD STREET TEXT AMENDMENT, Manhattan (N160396ZRM)
  25. Zoning, 901 MANOR ROAD COMMERCIAL OVERLAY, Staten Island (C160378ZMR)
  26. LU 592 - Zoning, 901 MANOR ROAD COMMERCIAL OVERLAY, Staten Island (C160378ZMR)
  27. Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, 794 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (C170127PPK)
  28. LU 594 - Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, 794 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (C170127PPK)
  29. Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, Brooklyn (C170128ZMK)
  30. LU 595 - Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, Brooklyn (C170128ZMK)
  31. Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, Brooklyn (N170129ZRK)
  32. LU 596 - Planning, CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT, Brooklyn (N170129ZRK)
  33. Planning, 210-214 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn (C170153HAK)
  34. LU 597 - Planning, 210-214 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn (C170153HAK)
  35. Planning, 210-214 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn (C170154ZSK)
  36. LU 598 - Planning, 210-214 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn (C170154ZSK)
  37. Zoning, Sidewalk café, 1640 Second Ave, Manhattan (20175241 TCM)
  38. LU 601 - Zoning, Sidewalk café, 1640 Second Ave, Manhattan (20175241 TCM)
  39. Notifying a business when the city has received a request for service or complaint about its operation.
  40. Citywide transit study.
  41. Requiring the DOT to notify the police and fire departments about resurfacing work.
  42. Commissioner of Deeds
  43. An identifying information division.
  44. Persons not to be detained by the department of probation.
  45. Requiring water filtration in schools with water pipes or solder that contain lead.
  46. Selective service applications in city jails.
  47. Requiring DOC to facilitate the posting of bail or bond.
  48. Requiring reporting about the racial and gender makeup of the city’s uniformed personnel.
  49. Requiring information on lactation rooms.
  50. Certain sanitation violations received during declared emergencies or severe weather conditions.
  51. Requiring the DOE to distribute information regarding educational rights and departmental policies related to interactions with non-local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.
  52. Expanding the office of immigrant affairs.
  53. DOE to create and maintain a functional Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in all middle and high schools in order to support and protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) and other vulnerable students.
  54. Requiring the office of long-term planning and sustainability to report on the feasibility of microgrids within the city of NY.
  55. Federal immigration enforcement.
  56. Governor & MTA to commit to an expeditious transition to an electric bus fleet and to use electric buses as a robust part of its replacement service during the upcoming L train shutdown.
  57. Prohibiting disorderly behavior.
  58. Diversity programming at senior centers.
  59. Reforming the city’s restaurant inspection program.
  60. Requiring that public spaces in buildings include labeled waste and recycling receptacles.
  61. Establishing a goal of zero waste for NYC by 2030.
  62. Establishing a retirement savings program for private-sector employees.
  63. Requiring usage of full cutoff light fixtures on street lights.
  64. Requiring the NYPD to permit arrestees to access contact information.
  65. Establishing an office of case management.
  66. An immigrant affairs task force.
  67. Access to non-public areas of city property.
  68. Affirming the right to collectively bargain for workers in NYC.
  69. Congress to vote against proposed “right-to-work” legislation.
  70. Establishing a retirement savings board to oversee the city’s retirement savings program for private-sector employees.
  71. Requiring the mayor’s office of criminal justice to post public information regarding posting bail in courtrooms.
  72. Establishment of a list of landlords who affirmatively agree not to discriminate based on lawful source of income.
  73. Receipt of rental assistance payments.
  74. Requiring information on the timeliness of city-funded rental payments.
  75. Disclosure of smoking policies for class A multiple dwellings.
  76. Amend local law number 50 for the year 2015.
  77. Identifying lead water supply mains and service lines through an online interactive map and providing educational resources and tools for preventing lead contamination.
  78. NYCHA to amend the one-year residency requirement by allowing exemptions for tenants to qualify as a Remaining Family Member.
  79. Identifying information.
  80. Boarders, lodgers or roomers in a private dwelling.
  81. Zoning, 156th St between Caldwell Ave and Eagle Ave, Bronx (C 170140 ZMX)
  82. Zoning, Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area, Bronx (N 170141 ZRX)
  83. Zoning, Newbold Ave and Olmstead Ave, Bronx (C 160326 ZMX)
  84. Zoning, Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area, Bronx (N 160327(A) ZRX)
  85. Zoning, Atlantic Ave and Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn (C 170142 ZMK)
  86. Zoning, Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area, Brooklyn (N 170143 ZRK)
  87. Landmarks, Maritime Lease for piers 88 and 90 on the Hudson River between West 48th Street and West 55th Street, Manhattan (20175389 PNM)
  88. Planning, Approval of a new real property tax exemption for property located in Manhattan (20175387 HAM)
  89. Planning, Block 1992, Lot 5 and Block 2018, Lot 62, Brooklyn (20175388 HAK)
  90. Planning, Block 2425, Lot 16, Block 2427, Lots 1 and 52, Block 2429, Lot 34, Block 2433, Lot 57, and Block 2439, Lot 22, Bronx (20175325 HAX)
  91. Planning, 287 West 150th St, Manhattan (20175326 HAM)
  92. Planning, Block 2861, Lot 11, Block 2867, Lot 58, Block 2868, Lot 127, Block 2876, Lot 170, Block 3196, Lot 10, and Block 3216, Lot 52, Bronx (20175324 HAX)
  93. Planning, Block 1696, Lot 9, Queens (20175319 HAQ)
  94. Planning, Block 10573, Lot 43, Queens (20175320 HAQ)
  95. Planning, Block 15013, Lot 4, Black 12594, Lot 16, Block 13086, Lot 57, Queens (20175323 HAQ)
  96. Planning, Block 11206, Lot 67, Block 11026, Lot 379, Block 11069, Lot 198, Block 11033, Lot 69, Block 12634, Lot 24, Block 12654, Lot 7, Block 12605, Lot 39, Block 12438, Lot 142, Block 12462, Lot 12, Block 12469, Lot 137, Block 12375, Lot 85, Block 12370
  97. Planning, Block 6856, Lot 59, Queens (20175321 HAQ)